what are the top ranking factors for Google in 2018?

Top Ranking factors for Google in 2018

What are the top ranking factors for Google in 2018?

You, along with a million other people are asking, “what are the top ranking factors for Google in 2018?” You may have even wondered how you can find out the exact algorithm that Google uses. Let me assure you, that only Google knows the exact algorithm that they use. I would even argue that they might even have a hard time explaining it :-).

Fortunately for you, the small business owner or entrepreneur, there are industry leaders out there who help keep a great pulse on Google’s algorithm. We rely on industry experts and our own research and results to help shape our own SEO strategy as well as what we use with our clients. Based on the industry experts and our own expertise and results, here are 10 of some of the strongest factors that we have found which influence how your keyword ranks.

Top 9 Ranking Factors for Google in 2018

  1. Click-through rate – Basically, this is how many times someone sees your ad or organic search result and clicks it.
  2. Number of Images – The number of images matter on your site. Even more important, make sure that the images titled correctly and you have the appropriate alt text.
  3. Overall Content Relevance –  as discussed previously, content relevance is one of the three key principles for any ranking and SEO project. Make sure that your content is tag appropriately with the appropriate keywords and that the heart of the message is relevant for those who might be searching for those keywords.
  4. Time on your site –   if the search engine refers traffic to you and they stay awhile, it signals to that search engine that it gave you what you were looking for. A longer time on your site is a good thing!
  5. SSL (HTTPS): A secure website has been a ranking factor for Google since 2014. It will become more of a ranking factor this year as Google continues to evolve.
  6. Font Size – This is the not so obvious factor for most people. If you have a small font size it signals to Google that you were trying to cram a bunch of content that you don’t expect people will read. Increase your font size and reduce the number of words to help your SEO results. Succinct is better!
  7. Social Media Activity:  Google has admitted that it takes cues from activity on social media. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and many different platforms which help drive traffic to your site will be considered.
  8. Backlinks:  all backlinks are not equal.  Backlinks do have a big determination on your ranking and Authority in Google.
  9. Page Speed:  Google is placing a big emphasis on page speed as it continues to enhance its algorithm and mobile first index.

We hope this is been helpful. If this all seems overwhelming you can hire a company like ours to take care of all your SEO needs.

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