The importance of page speed on mobile

March News: The importance of page speed on mobile devices and voice search

Google emphasizes the importance of page speed on mobile and Voice Search

In the March edition of our newsletter, we discuss some helpful tips for businesses to focus on to improve their search ranking. We discuss 5 updates which will impact your business. Here is a summary:

  1. Google launches two new tools which highlight the importance Google is placing on Mobile devices.
  2. With the onset of Google Home and Alexa, Voice Search is becoming more and more important. Find out the top voice search ranking factors.
  3. Google has updated its reviews guidelines. Find out the what happened and the best way to collect reviews.
  4. Google has updated some things within Adwords: New Keyword Planning tool and the ability to opt-out of re-marketing campaigns. Find out what else has changed.
  5. There is a new social app, meet VERO! Find out why it is important.

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