NonProfit Spotlight: Meet Forever Fed

Want to help prevent homelessness? Meet Forever Fed!

In this month’s nonprofit spotlight, we would like to introduce you to Forever Fed. They are a nonprofit organization which prevents homelessness and hardship through the delivery of sack meals for kids, food, clothing, books, love and much more those often forgotten by our society. They are different from some similar organizations because they DELIVER the needs to their home or within walking distance.

I have to admit, Forever Fed has become very personal to our family. Every other Tuesday, our family partners with Forever Fed to deliver food to families in need.  We see FIRST HAND what this ministry is doing in their lives. My kids have developed real relationships with these families. Some have children their age while others are elderly who have a hard time getting out of their home. During our time serving with this ministry, we have experienced what a little food, love, and encouragement can do.  The work they are doing is making a tremendous impact in Cherokee County, GA. Check out what they have going on below!

Sack Meal Program

Forever Fed serves over 14,000 sack meals per year! They partner with children’s mentoring programs and agencies who mentor and invest in the well-being of children to provide much-needed sack meals. Many kids at school go hungry. Does this break your heart? It does at Aculign. Kids shouldn’t have to go hungry. Just the thought of kids starving at home and at school brings tears to our eyes.

If the thought of meal-deprived children breaks your heart, did you know only $1 will supply a lunch to a child in need?

Yes, only $1. Becuase they have a partnership with the Atlanta Food Bank and through other donations, they are able to supply these meals for UNDER $1. Here is our challenge to you:

Will you consider donating $30 this month to purchase 30 meals for kids in need? If so, you can make your TAX DEDUCTABLE donation one their page.


Grocery Support

Forever Fed’s grocery support Mobile Food Pantries and Home Delivery is Forever Fed’s main way to help prevent homelessness. Food costs are a huge part of everyone’s budget. Forever Fed supplements their pantry with food that can last several meals. This reduces their overall cost to feed themselves.

Mobile Food Pantries

Mobile Food Pantries are the main way they deliver food and supplies to families in need. They are usually held outdoors, on the same day of the week/month, at the same location – in a parking lot close by to the community they are serving. If you would like to see when and where these pantries are, please check out their calendar.

Home Delivery

Home delivery is provided to those under specific circumstances and lacks transportation. Volunteer drivers show up at the panty, select the food, boxes, and bread and then deliver it to the families in need. Often times, these volunteers develop meaningful and loving relationships with these families.

One of the guys to whom we deliver said, “I depend on the food from Forever Fed. It is a true blessing. Without that food, I don’t know where I would be.” That was from a guy we call, Mr. James.

If you would like to get involved in the Grocery Support, they are always looking for great and reliable volunteers. Please sign up to volunteer!

Clothing and Books

Most of the time, families who need food also need clothes and books. Forever Fed not only provides food to those in need but also provides books and clothing. Providing this service really helps families who are without work, have children and need help. If you would like to find out more information or have clothes or books to donate, please call tel:(678) 883-3314.

Why Get involved?

Have you seen the impact they are making above?!?!? If that doesn’t help, here are two more reasons you should get involved:

  1. If you are looking to find a great nonprofit partner, Forever Fed is a wise investment. They have also been vetted by North Point Community Church and others. What does that mean? They have undergone a great vetting process by professionals who know how to analyze a nonprofit. Needless to say, your investment will go to the intended purpose!
  2. Do you have an hour or two available every month? I thought so. If you do, that’s all it really takes. Just get involved today by signing up or contacting them. You won’t ever regret it!

Sharing is Caring!

We can’t do this alone! Please share this post, donate, and tell friends/family! We can do this together to help Forever Fed!


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