3 Pitfalls of implementing SEO

Implementing SEO on your website is difficult. It takes time, attention and constant measurement. While there are many benefits of SEO, there are 3 pitfalls we find companies experience when they implement SEO on their own. Keyword research is the most important aspect of every SEO campaign. Think about it.  Getting the right keywords is similar to telling someone the right directions to get to your house. If your house is only 5 miles away and you send that person directions which takes them 100 miles to get to your house, they are most likely going to reconsider or find somewhere else to go. SEO is very similar. You must rank for the right keywords in order to drive the right traffic to your site. In this next blog series, we are going to discuss Keyword research and how to implement on your site. Before we do, let’s discuss the 3 pitfalls to implementing SEO on your website. 

There are 3 pitfalls to implementing SEO that you should be aware of:

  1. Not defining your ideal customer. Before you do any keyword research it is important to understand WHO you are trying to target first! We use an acronym to help us remember to do this: F.O.C.U.S.  It stands to Follow One Customer Until Success. Imagine if you were trying to target teenagers whom you want to buy your widget.  Those teenagers are going to search differently and use different terms. Heck, they may even call your widget something different. If your targeted audience were baby boomers, you will most certainly want to speak their language differently. While this is just one example, you can imagine all of the different variations: geography, race, religion, gender and many more factors play into how your user is searching.
  2. Ranking for the wrong keywords. If you decide to rank for the wrong keywords, you are going to end up spending many hours and money on targeting the wrong type of traffic. You will spend even more time trying to clean up your keywords. This will frustrate you and you will not have any conversion on your website.
  3. Trying to rank for highly competitive keywords. Competition is key! Every single keyword has a competitiveness factor. If you target really heavy competitive keywords, you may end up spending lots of time and effort on that particular keyword and miss out on opportunities for other keywords that can get you on the first page and drive much more traffic.

These three factors will ultimately decide how successful your website will drive the right traffic and lead to sales.


Developing Content that increases organic traffic

Developing content that increases organic traffic is extremely important for your business. Content marketing in itself won’t send organic traffic down your way. It may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. You need a strategic approach if you want to see any results from your content marketing efforts.

Here’s what you need to know to create a strategy that actually works.

Understand Your Audience

The first thing you need to do before you start worrying about viral topics and writing techniques is to create a buyer persona. This fictional character is going to help you understand the needs, desires, and motivations of your audience. That will make it easier to create content your prospects want to read.

Create a Keyword List Based on Your Buyer Persona’s Search Habits

Developing content that increases organic traffic is dependant on good keywords. The success of your content marketing depends on how well you cater to the needs of your prospects. They define everything about your content, from the topic to the form and style. Obviously, if you want to get more organic traffic, you need to cover the topics that your audience is searching for online.

Based on the knowledge you have on your audience and niche, choose five long-tail keywords that they often use to search for information. For example, if “chronic back pain remedies” is one of your keywords, try to come up with content ideas that are related to it.

Identify the Type of Content Your Audience Likes

You may enjoy shooting videos, but if your audience prefers in-depth articles, then that’s what you should focus on.

To determine what type of content works best for you, ask yourself: what is my audience searching for on Google? What problems are they trying to solve? What type of content makes them engage?

Promote Your Content

Spend as much time promoting your content as you do writing it. One of the easiest things you can do to increase your blog traffic with content marketing is to share your articles multiple times on social media. But, be careful not to come across as spammy.

These tips should help you perfect your content marketing strategy. But, don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. Gaining traffic is a slow process that needs constant work.

Don’t want to do it yourself?

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5 tips for ranking on Google

How do I move up in ranking on Google?

Wondering, “how to improve your ranking on Google?”According to one study, the number one position in Google gets 33% of search traffic. But, how do you get there? Here are 5 tips to boost your SEO visibility on Google and other search tools.

1) Select the right keywords

Selecting the right keywords is critical for ranking on google! What key phrases are people using when looking for your products? Are they more likely to search for “powerful blenders” or “blender for crushing ice?” Use tools to identify the search habits of your target audience.

Type your keywords into Google and look at the bottom of the page at the related search terms. Read comments, forum discussions, and articles related to your niche to see what your audience is looking for.

Once you have your keywords, place them strategically in your headline, headers, Meta description, body, and ALT tags.

We referenced tools in our blog about selecting the right keywords. Check out that article if you want to learn more!

You can do this yourself but we recommend hiring the pros. You will get much better and quicker results! Aculign provides SEO services for businesses like yours. We have packages to fit every budget.

1) Publish High-Quality Content

Ranking on Google is dependent on high-quality content! It doesn’t matter how relevant or performant your keywords are. If your content is of poor quality, your chances of moving up in Google search results decrease dramatically.

Focus on creating content that targets the needs of your audience and helps them solve a problem that’s affecting them. Provide useful advice and actionable tips and write as if you’re talking to a friend.

If you need help writing content. Aculign can help you generate and promote content that will drive traffic and sales to your business. Please take advantage of our FREE content planner and even offer a FREE content review!

Use Keywords When Linking Internally

Instead of placing a “Click Here” anchor text, try including your keywords or writing the name of your destination. “Click Here” has almost no SEO value whereas “Aculign Marketing Services” is rich with keywords and can help you improve your ranking.

Web Design built for conversion

Google tends to rank high for pages that are well-organized, easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile search. Keep in mind that, when it comes to SEO, functionality trumps aesthetics. Make sure that your website provides a flawless on-site experience on every device, has an intuitive structure, and loads quickly.

In our experience, websites typically have ZERO places for your prospective customer to engage. Simply adding a call-to-action (a button telling them what you want them to do) will increase your conversion. Utilize the “upper third” of your site by adding one or two calls to action. Also

The two most valuable pieces of real estate on your website is the middle of the “upper third” and the top right-hand corner of your site. Utilize the “upper third” of your site by adding one or two calls to action and you will certainly increase conversion and traffic to your site.

Don’t know where to begin? You can get a FREE website audit here. You can also schedule time with us and we will provide a free 15-minute content review to help you start converting on your website.

Website built for Mobile

As mentioned in our web design services page, MOBILE is becoming increasingly important. That means your site needs to be responsive (mobile-friendly) and quick to load. There is a new protocol called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Implementing AMP will certainly give your company an edge on Google search results!

Under most circumstances, we recommend you leave the website design to the professionals. Structured Data is something you should get right, not guess you get it right. If Aculign seems like a good fit you can apply for our services today!

That’s it, folks! We hope this has been valuable to you and helps you go further, faster. There are many other techniques you could use to move your site, up in Google search. These here should be enough to set yourself on the right path.

Aculign is an Atlanta SEO Company ready to serve your company!

4 Simple Ways to Create Shareable Content

Wondering how to create shareable content?

Business owners are beginning to ask how they can create shareable content. Saying that content marketing adoption has increased in recent years would be an understatement. Every day, Internet users create nearly two million blog posts and share hundreds of millions of status updates, videos, and photos. Regularly creating fresh content is not enough anymore to stand above the crowd. You need to grab attention and wow your audience.

Here are 4 simple ways to create shareable content:

  1. Find out What’s Trending

Trending topics are more likely to get shared than other articles. That’s because it’s in our social nature to want to feel included and needed.

Use tools like BuzzSumo to find trending topics in your niche and create content that can generate shares. Google has some great FREE tools as well. We use Google Trends and Google Alerts daily.

  1. Provoke Emotions

One study found that stories that provoke intense emotions tend to get more shares than others. According to the study, content that triggers “high-arousal” emotions, such as awe, joy, anger or anxiety gets more shares, whereas content that stimulates “low-arousal” emotions, such as sadness, is less viral.

Stories told well tend to provoke emotions. Define first what you want them to feel when they view your content. From there, build a story around that character.

  1. Appeal to Your Audience’s Narcissistic Side

People share content for a variety of reasons: to connect with their network, to support a cause or for entertainment purposes. However, they also share for selfish reasons.

For example, quizzes are among the top most shared types of content. That’s because they fuel our ego and help us build our online persona.

Make sure to include quizzes or highly-targeted articles, such as “X Things Only an Introvert Would Understand” in your strategy.

  1. Build a Community

People are more likely to share content from those they trust and like. Therefore, building a community should be one of the main goals of your content marketing strategy. Bear in mind that it’s a slow process that requires a long-term commitment. You need to constantly create compelling and engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Savvy businesses create shareable content with a checklist and a plan. They have a list of ingredients and a step-by-step process they follow closely to ensure their articles will reach as many people as possible. These tips can help you get started on the right track.

Who is Aculign?

Aculign is a firm specializing in small business growth. We provide marketing, process and strategy services to small businesses located in the United States. We hope these tips can help you get started on the right track.

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