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NonProfit Spotlight: Meet Forever Fed

Want to help prevent homelessness? Meet Forever Fed! In this month’s nonprofit spotlight, we would like to introduce you to Forever Fed. They are a nonprofit organization which prevents homelessness and hardship through the delivery of sack meals for kids, food, clothing, books, love and much more those often forgotten by our society. They are […]

NonProfit Spotlight: Meet The Joy House

Looking for a GREAT charity to give/serve in 2018? In this month’s nonprofit spotlight, we would like to introduce you to The Joy House. They are a PRIVATELY FUNDED, nonprofit organization which provides Christ-centered restorative care to teens, families, and individuals. They provide a residential program for teens who need help, provide counseling for families, […]

Do this ONE thing to GROW your Revenue in 2018!

Wondering how to Grow your Small Business in 2018? Many business owners are energized by the beginning of the new year. Big Goals, new P&L, and big hopes and dreams. While goal setting is extremely important, many business owners forget and/or don’t understand one critical component: Understanding your Customer! Who buys your products and/or services? Your […]

5 Barriers to Strategic Execution

Some business owners and leaders believe strategy is something you do once per year and is more theoretical and conceptual than something that can actually be achieved. Other owners don’t even bother because they feel they are too small and think they just don’t need it. Only a few create, plan, execute and monitor a […]

3 reasons companies need to practice generosity

  Generosity doesn’t just mean giving. Webster’s dictionary defines generosity as the following: “the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish : the quality of being generous;especially : willingness to give money and other valuable things to others.” In a corporate or business setting, Aculign believes the following: generosity is the expressed gratitude of […]