Google Mobile First Index and GMB updates

April News – Google Mobile First Index, Adwords and more!

April updates for businesses using Google

Well, Google continues to enhance its platform. In the most recent newsletter, we discuss 5 updates which will impact your business. Here is a summary:

  1. Google started to send e-mails about shutting down any unused Google+ accounts…are you one of those? If so, don’t panic!
  2. Google has begun rolling out the MOBILE FIRST INDEX!!
  3. Google has launched the all new Google My Business Dashboard!
  4. Business descriptions used to be hard to add to GMB, it is now hassle-free!
  5. Google Adwords has made significant improvements: Keyword planning tool, new performance insights, a new way to promote apps, and rule changes for nonprofits.

We go into more detail in our newsletter. Feel free to download it today! Don’t worry, we don’t require anything to download it!

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