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3 reasons companies need to practice generosity



Generosity doesn’t just mean giving. Webster’s dictionary defines generosity as the following: “the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish : the quality of being generous;especially : willingness to give money and other valuable things to others.”

In a corporate or business setting, Aculign believes the following:

generosity is the expressed gratitude of a company’s good fortunes in the form of giving and serving their local community. 

Our whole business model is built around generosity. Our mission statement is to help companies achieve unimaginable success. We can’t do that if we aren’t generous with our time and money. Aculign gives 10% of everything we make off-the-top to a charity that our client gets to choose. We partner with our client to choose the best local charity that will align to our client’s business and culture. We also broker service projects between our client and the local charity by understanding and filling their biggest needs.

Here are 3 good reasons to practice corporate generosity:

Reason 1: Your money will go further

The tax deductible money you donate to a charity has a multiplier effect. Because of the way good charities are run, they are able to do much more with $1. Let me explain… Because of non-cash donations like volunteering, space, food, and books, nonprofits are able to multiply your donation to impact more people in the community. As a result, a local food pantry can provide a meal for just $1. In today’s market, that meal would cost around $7.25 if you purchased it at a fast-food restaurant. Now that is a return on an investment!

Reason 2: Corporate Identity

What is the image of your company? How do you want people to feel when they interact with you. Have you discovered why people buy from you? In our experience, companies who practice generosity have stronger customer retention, broader brand saturation and stronger ties to the community. Let me explain…a company that practices consistent generosity and really adopts a charity becomes a part of that community. They are family. All of the sudden, the business that was just a business is now a part of a much larger story. One that can only be garnered by partnering with a local charity. The company’s identity will change. Their branding will include the local charity. Their marketing material will encourage others to give and serve this charitable organization. It has truly become part of their DNA. All of the sudden this company realizes they are making a much greater impact than they could ever imagine! Their revenue and operations have improved dramatically! As a result, company morale has sky-rocketed, employee retention is at the highest point ever, employee complaints are down and theft is virtually nonexistent. Revenues have increased because people want to buy from a company that gives back. They see that it is not fake and that the company is truly making an impact and puts its money where it’s mouth is. The customers don’t really care if your a little higher priced because they just want to buy from you. They see…your mission statement, they “why” of your company, and want to be a part of it.

Reason 3: Change lives

Practicing generosity to a local charity gives companies the ability to see how they are changing lives, first-hand. Let me explain…a local food bank is not just a local food bank. They are hope. Many who come to a food bank have much greater needs than to fill their tummy. Those needs can vary from just a companion to needing a job. When a company adopts a local charity, they involve themselves in filling these needs.

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