10 Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing on Facebook

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Posting for Businesses

Facebook posting for business can lead to tremendous growth but it needs to be done carefully. Did you know that Facebook has over 1.2 billion active users? Facebook is a great platform to connect both personally and professionally. Many times, business leaders mix the two. As a result, they lose leverage, influence, and revenue. These 10 helpful tips will provide a good guardrail for you and your business before you post on Facebook.

Top 5 Do’s of Facebook Marketing:

  1. Clear and Short: Simple, Short and CLEAR messaging will capture your audience. Fewer words will increase your engagement. We use a framework called the Storybrand Framework. We HIGHLY recommend it.
  2. Post Frequently: Frequency and Consistency are important and keeps your brand at the forefront. Keep your audience informed by posting photos, promotions, and special offers.
  3. Be Genuine: No one likes a know-it-all or salesperson. TDo's and Don'ts of Facebook Marketinghe easiest way to lose a prospect is to annoy them with unuseful information. TRUST is hard to gain and easy to lose but is the currency of successful brands.
  4. Get Feedback: If you want to know something. Just ask! Facebook is a great place to solicit potential customers by asking for their opinion/feedback. Want to create your first survey? You can go to this Facebook link to give it a go. Let us know how it went!
  5. Engage. Respond to every question and feedback. Don’t forget to respond as your company, not an individual. This will drive more “they really do care” thoughts from your customers. Think of the last time you sent an email/text to a friend and didn’t get a reply. How did that make you feel? You don’t want your customers to feel unimportant.

Top 5 Don’ts on Facebook

  1. Always Sell: Customers don’t want to be sold. They want to feel special. Position yourself as a guide to help solve their problems. Nobody likes a pushy sales person. Successful organizations put their customer front-and-center instead of themselves.
  2. SPAM Your Audience: One of the easiest ways to lose a client is to spam them with irrelevant content. Keep your content centered around your customer, not your company. Do you like being spammed?
  3. Talk Politics: Want to lose influence and sales? All you have to do is post something political on your business page. Stay away from politics. It is too divisive. If you must, keep that kind of stuff on your personal page. Be careful of this though…customers will look you up.
  4. Go Silent: The fewer the posts the less value Facebook will see from that post. That means, fewer people will see the post. Your followers will also forget about you.
  5. Ignore: Have a problem? Don’t ignore your audience. Address the issues privately and publicly, if needed. Show that you care and your brand will go further faster.

We hope this small guide helps you navigate socializing on Facebook.

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10 Facebook Marketing Hints

10 Hints to Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

Want to begin marketing on Facebook? With close to 1.2 billion active users, there’s no question that Facebook is the perfect medium to engage with your prospects and get them interested in your business.

But, how do you get started with Marketing on Facebook?

These ten tips will help you maximize the potential of your social media marketing strategy:

  1. Create a Page: It’s your business’ “personal” profile, and it will allow you to interact with your prospects. Remember to make it reflect your brand. To learn more how to create a page here is a quick and easy article by Facebook.
  2. Be Consistent: Social Media landscape is rising as a search engine, but to appear on top of the results page you need to have an active online presence. So, make sure you engage regularly.
  3. Encourage Sharing: Your content needs to be interesting and valuable enough to compel people to share it. Don’t be afraid to ask your network to share your posts and increase your engagement rate.
  4. Make Connections: Invite your personal Facebook friends and your email contacts to follow you. Promote your page’s web address on any offline and social media marketing material you design.
  5. Attract Friends of Fans and share events. Ask questions, run polls, and contests, and find ways to convince visitors to check your business. Their friends will see their activity. Create event pages and share them with your network and the groups you’re in.
  6. Join Groups: Enhance awareness by participating in conversations in groups your target audience hangs out. Put your expertise to work and share valuable advice instead of promoting your business.
  7. Build Your Group: If you can’t find any niche groups, create your own. That way, you will have more control over the discussions, and you can position yourself as an authority in your industry.
  8. Connect with Influencers in Your Niche: If you have other businesses or industry personalities that you admire, don’t be afraid to send them a message, comment on their posts or write on their wall.
  9. Get Started with Facebook Live: It’s an excellent way to showcase the human side of your business and offer a look behind the scenes. Due to its unpredictability, they’ll stick longer to see the outcome.
  10. Consider Ads: Facebook will show your ads to the people who are more likely to be interested in your business. Hence they’ll generate significant traffic to your website.

There you have it, folks. Ten simple yet effective tips that can help you get started with Facebook marketing.

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4 Simple Ways to Create Shareable Content

Wondering how to create shareable content?

Business owners are beginning to ask how they can create shareable content. Saying that content marketing adoption has increased in recent years would be an understatement. Every day, Internet users create nearly two million blog posts and share hundreds of millions of status updates, videos, and photos. Regularly creating fresh content is not enough anymore to stand above the crowd. You need to grab attention and wow your audience.

Here are 4 simple ways to create shareable content:

  1. Find out What’s Trending

Trending topics are more likely to get shared than other articles. That’s because it’s in our social nature to want to feel included and needed.

Use tools like BuzzSumo to find trending topics in your niche and create content that can generate shares. Google has some great FREE tools as well. We use Google Trends and Google Alerts daily.

  1. Provoke Emotions

One study found that stories that provoke intense emotions tend to get more shares than others. According to the study, content that triggers “high-arousal” emotions, such as awe, joy, anger or anxiety gets more shares, whereas content that stimulates “low-arousal” emotions, such as sadness, is less viral.

Stories told well tend to provoke emotions. Define first what you want them to feel when they view your content. From there, build a story around that character.

  1. Appeal to Your Audience’s Narcissistic Side

People share content for a variety of reasons: to connect with their network, to support a cause or for entertainment purposes. However, they also share for selfish reasons.

For example, quizzes are among the top most shared types of content. That’s because they fuel our ego and help us build our online persona.

Make sure to include quizzes or highly-targeted articles, such as “X Things Only an Introvert Would Understand” in your strategy.

  1. Build a Community

People are more likely to share content from those they trust and like. Therefore, building a community should be one of the main goals of your content marketing strategy. Bear in mind that it’s a slow process that requires a long-term commitment. You need to constantly create compelling and engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Savvy businesses create shareable content with a checklist and a plan. They have a list of ingredients and a step-by-step process they follow closely to ensure their articles will reach as many people as possible. These tips can help you get started on the right track.

Who is Aculign?

Aculign is a firm specializing in small business growth. We provide marketing, process and strategy services to small businesses located in the United States. We hope these tips can help you get started on the right track.

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4 benefits of SEO for Small Business

What are the benefits of SEO and why is it Important for Small Businesses?

If you’re a small business just getting started with online marketing, then you might feel a bit confused about SEO. Some say this practice has died and there’s no point wasting time and resources anymore trying to rank high in Google’s search results. Others claim that SEO is more relevant than ever before and your business cannot exist in the online world without it.

Who should you believe?

In this article, we’re going to explain why search engine optimization is still relevant today and why you should consider investing in it.

SEO Provides Good ROI

As a small business, you’re probably always worrying or at least thinking about your budget. Out of all online marketing strategies, SEO offers the highest return on your investment when compared to the costs it requires. The stability that it offers from a financial point of view is a good enough reason to consider it.

It Won’t Be Going Away Soon

Don’t listen to the bold claims made by some pundits. Listen to the numbers. And, the numbers are saying that search engine optimization is not only alive and kicking but it’s evolving. So, you need to get up to date with the latest trends and changes if you still want to get a slice of the market.

It Naturally Leads to Conversion

SEO can help you draw the right people to your business. That means that people are actively searching for information about your business, products, or industry. More than that, if your business will appear high in organic search, people are more likely to visit your site than click on your PPC ads. They trust organic results more than they do aggressive paid marketing.

It Gives You Valuable Customer Information

As previously mentioned, what SEO does best is get the right audience to find and learn about what your company is offering. This way, you can track every visitor that lands on your website and start collecting relevant information about them. You can use this data to grow your business by creating content and products that your audience actually wants.

Search engine optimization is a complex topic. So, it’s alright to feel a bit overwhelmed. But, with the right information at hand, you can understand why your small business needs it and how it can benefit from it.

How to get started with SEO?

While small business owners can tackle SEO themselves, we do not recommend it. If you have no knowledge of transmissions, would you try to repair or install it yourself? While you could probably figure it out on youtube and forms of media, it would take you much longer and many hours of labor to get it right. SEO should be thought of the same way.

To get started, you will want to find a company to help you. Aculign is uniquely positioned to help small businesses with SEO and other marketing needs. Our proven process and raving fan framework help companies go further, faster. To begin, you can apply today OR you can download some free stuff throughout the website.